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For college students dealing with literature-based courses, you are likely to come across the requirement to conduct and submit an article review. Like other writing tasks, a review presents its own set of challenges since it requires that college students be keen and dedicate a significant amount of their time to completing this type of custom paper.

Some learners will encounter problems dealing with these tasks such that they will choose to seek out an article review writing service for help. We offer this type of assistance to Australian learners, along with some tips for writing a quality paper.

What Is a Review Article? An Expert Answer

It is a summary and assessment of articles from various authors. Students in college are assigned tasks to review an article so that they may become familiar with the works of different renowned authors. Students should review that article by providing a comprehensive analysis of the works of the authors in terms of themes, the arguments, and the main points made by the authors. So, one needs to immerse themselves in the article to review it correctly.

The Basics on How to Write an Article Review

For any college student approaching the task of crafting a review article, here are some tips from experts that should prove beneficial. First, a student needs some preparation. Preparation is in the form of the following.

First, you need to understand what is required of you. The audience and aim for your review should be for a reader who is familiar with the field involved. You need to assess knowledge using your own opinion and ideas but backed up with logical summarizations and your experience in the field.

Then, read the article and do it multiple times if necessary. To construct a good review, you should read the article several times to understand what the authors put across. While reading, take down notes of important ideas raised and any concepts and terms you are not familiar with and research if necessary to understand everything about that article.

After familiarizing yourself with the work, create your outline. The outline is where you plan out your review of the article. In the outline, you need to include all the main points you want to address in the article review and the different sections of your task in the order they will appear when you are writing. The outline makes writing your review so much easier and saves a lot of time. It also keeps students from straying when writing such a custom paper. From there, you are ready to begin the process of writing.

Steps on How to Review an Article

The article review needs to have four main sections to be conclusive. These include:

  • The introduction

Start by introducing the title article, publication year, and all the vital information you want the reader to know about the authors. Then, highlight the primary thesis and significant themes explored in the article.

  • Summary

Dive in and show all the core points, major arguments, and any essential findings. Show how authors defend their claims and include the major conclusions made in the article.

  • Critique

Now, express your opinions of the article in a few paragraphs on the different characteristics of the article. For example, how was the writing? Does the article contribute to the field? Do you agree with the claims the authors made?

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is also one paragraph, as the introduction. Here, give a summary of the main points you have made in the article and your opinions about them. Where possible, highlight any areas where further research can be conducted.

One of the essential tips for writing any form of review or critique is avoiding bias. You need to back up your claims with reason when critiquing the work of authors. Otherwise, your review will not adequately fulfill its purpose.

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