Narrative Essay – How to Get It Right Using Our Professional Essay Help

One of the tasks that you have likely come across in school is a narrative essay. What is a narrative essay? It is an essay that has one main subject that the whole narrative revolves around. It can also be defined as the art of storytelling, where you give your reader an account of certain events. Narrative essays tend to cause students in Australia some trouble to the point that they have to seek help in writing. Hence, we have provided some basics on crafting a narrative paper for students in Australia, and also ready to provide any writing assistance you might need with this task.

Top Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay

First, conduct adequate research. When drafting this essay, your imagination and creativity are put to the test. However, you also need some degree of research into your subject matter to guarantee a competent and credible narrative paper.

Then, clarity is essential. This guideline primarily targets students who tend to love the use of jargon or complicated terms. They are a hindrance to clarity. A reader needs to explore your work and effortlessly follow the main idea without having to research some of the vocabularies. If you are to use them, spread them out all over the text sparingly.

From there, it is also important to note that you don’t have to describe every movement you make. Leave some room for imagination for the reader.

Show “don’t tell” rule. A narrative essay is about telling your side of a story. So, you need to be vivid with the descriptions. For better writing, appeal to the different senses of your reader. It will get them hooked.

Also, limit the use of narration in the second person and citations. The essay is always more appealing when the reader knows that you, the narrative writer, have experienced the events shared.

On the issue of referencing, citations tend to disrupt the flow in the text. So, if there are sources you used for research you need to cite, it’s better to have a list of the consulted works at the end of your essay.

Use Narrative Essay Examples to Guide You

Writing this essay can be intimidating for inexperienced students. Hence, we have provided some sample narrative essays on our sites to help students in Australia see what is expected of them by this task. The examples depict what your final draft should look like and provides a perspective of readers for students so they can learn what makes it engaging.

Why You Need a Narrative Essay Outline

Before proceeding to write an essay or paper, we advise that students create an outline for their work. An outline is a guide for students to follow when writing. It contains all the main ideas and points that will appear in an essay or research paper and arranged in the order which they will follow in the work. The outline aids you to stick to the main points.

Adhering to a Narrative Essay Format

The composition should be written per the college or the instructor’s guidelines. Formatting keeps your narrative paper neat. In Australia, the standard format is MLA for narrative essays. Here you are supposed to follow all standard essay guidelines, for example:

  • No title page unless instructed
  • Double spacing and use Times New Roman font 12
  • 1-inch margins for each side of the paper
  • Paragraph indentation using the tab button
  • The top corner on your right should have the page number

Employing the Right Narrative Essay Structure

The structure is a significant part of any type of writing. A narrative piece has its elaborate structure that students need to learn and apply. The standard structure in Australia and the rest of the world has three main sections. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction gives the readers some background information about your essay, introduce your characters, and identify the central thesis of your work.

The body should be the most extensive section since it is where all the action takes place. Arrange your work into paragraphs, each containing one main idea. Use a relevant pattern, so your readers can easily read your work.

The conclusion summarizes your essay and reminds your readers of the main points in your work. It should give readers who have not read the rest of the essay know what it’s about. Finally, give your audience something to think about, relevant to the piece.

Some Tips for Selecting Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays have an extensive selection of topics. You can write about almost any exciting experience, whether real or fictional. However, the key is getting your readers to believe your side of the tale. When selecting your topics, here are a few things you should consider. Each guideline below is meant to help make you comfortable and to help you write a great essay.

  • Choose something manageable. Not too wide or too narrow.
  • Be unique. ‘My first day in…’ and ‘my first time in… Brazil, Australia, or other world locations’ essays have been written thousands of times. Give your essay a new twist to keep readers engaged.
  • Choose a topic you can research or one with which you are well familiar.

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