Guidance and Assistance in Writing a Leadership Essay

Hierarchy has always been part of any well-functioning society. From family and local community level, all the way to the various government bodies and officials in charge. Leadership, in most cases, is what determines the success of a people and the qualities that leaders influence a lot.

So it only fits that as a student, you come across the requirement to craft a leadership essay. It is no reason to panic because we have some tips to assist you in writing such an essay or even professional essay writers from Australia to complete or help in editing this essay on your behalf.

What Is an Essay on Leadership? The Perfect Answer

This type of essay requires a student to evaluate leaders of their choice and discussing their success and challenges they face in their leadership. It is where students discuss how the challenges faced could be overcome and strategies that could be used by managers.

It also involves discussing some of the qualities of good leaders. It is where students are required to give their ideas on leadership by drawing comparisons from real leaders, past or present. One of the main questions a student will be required to answer is; what does leadership mean to you? Or what qualities would you possess as a leader?

Writing a What Does Leadership Mean to You Essay

Here, the student is provided with a test of discussing what they feel leadership should be. What would they do in a position of power? What would be their primary goals? What approaches would they take with their leadership? What qualities would they possess? It is a ‘what if’ essay that will require you to place yourself in the shoes of a leader, for example, in Australia and show what you would do in such a position. Or, in the case of a comparison, what you would do differently from individual leaders.

Some Basics on Leadership Essay Writing

Writing leadership essays will require learners to adhere to some structural specifications. However, some tips that will guarantee students get the most out of writing their essays about leaders and leadership.

  • Choose your story or topic wisely

Students need to take their time to select the right leaders for their essays. What positions do they hold? Do they lead in the political world, business world, or even the criminal world? Select people you relate to and writing will be more comfortable. Try to be unique with your choice of leader and show a little imagination.

  • Secondly, conduct valid research

One’s research can show the distinction between a good essay and a great one. Doing proper research on the leaders will assist you to produce a more detailed paper, with the assistance of examples where necessary.

  • Outline your essay

As part of your planning, create an outline for the paper. Identify all the main points to include in your paper in the arrangement they will follow in your essay. It makes writing easier and keeps you from straying during the writing process.

  • Employ the right Structure

Like all other essays, essays on leadership have three sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In the introduction, you begin with a hook and a simple preview for what your essay is about. The body is where you include all your points and discussions. The conclusion should be a succinct summary of the whole paper.

  • Edit your essay

After the completion of your paper, your next step should be editing it. By editing, you eliminate all the errors and improve the quality of the essay before handing it in for an assessment.

What Are the Attributes of a Good Leader?

For students to write a good essay about leadership, you have to know some of the qualities that contribute to good leadership. Here are some of the few qualities common to most good leaders.

  • Honesty and transparency in activities;
  • Open to delegation;
  • Proper communication skills;
  • Empathy;
  • Confidence in their job and the people;
  • Keeps a positive attitude;
  • Committed to the people;
  • Inspiration to the people;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Accountability for their actions;

All these qualities have their perks to one’s leadership and however, very few individuals can check the whole list.

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