Creative Writing – Correct Way of Doing It

By the time a student gets to college in Australia, they are likely to have encountered a writing task that requires them to be creative. These tasks demand that college students engage their creativity and dedicate some time to completing them. Some of these tasks tend to cause problems for inexperienced writers. So, we have provided some guidelines for students to craft great creative papers. Students who need further help can also procure essays from our great writers to offer guidelines on their writing.

What Is Creative Writing? Everything Explained

Any writing could be classified as creative if it involves the writers engaging their creative minds. This type of writing exists across different venues, for example, academic, professional, technical, and even journalistic forms.

Creative writers here aim at using their imagination to express their ideas, thoughts, and notions. Different tasks qualify to be in the creative category, for example:

  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Film scripts
  • Fictional work
  • Speeches
  • Personal essay writing
  • Songs
  • Speeches

This genre of writing mainly focuses its attention on entertainment other than education or presenting facts. It is where the writers are free to present their ideas and belief systems while also creating awareness for various issues.

Selection of Creative Writing Prompts

Before getting to the writing part of it all, creative paper writers first have to select their prompts. This could be quite challenging because there is a lot to choose from, and one is simply spoilt for choice. Hence, some guidelines for narrowing down your decisions should be essential.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Prompts

When selecting prompts for that creative paper, here are some of the things you need to take into consideration. Make use of these guidelines to make the right decisions.

Manageability of the prompt. Can you handle it? It should not be too complicated for you if you are to produce a good story out of it. Then, it should also be sizeable, not too narrow or too broad a topic.

It should be from something you are a little familiar with or something you can gather enough information on in terms of research. While it is always good to get out of your comfort zone in story writing, you shouldn’t pick a difficult topic.

Be unique in selection. It is always advisable to think outside the box. The instructor has probably read every common story there is from college students. Hence, it’s the responsibility of writers to find something unique that will motivate them to keep reading. Any great story is usually unique. However, don’t jeopardize your chances of a good story by solely focusing on uniqueness.

What appeals to you or interests you? Select something that motivates you as a writer. Is there a prompt you can relate to? Use it to craft a great creative story. Writers who select areas they are enthusiastic about tending to produce great papers.

Some Creative Writing Ideas to Help With Writer’s Block

Sometimes students have to deal with a lack of ideas, especially when they are required to channel their creativity. So, what does one do?  Online resources become essential sources of inspiration for students. You can find a lot of exciting ideas by doing your research online. We have gathered some of the basic ones to spark some inspiration for starting writers.

  • Write about a season. For example, summers in Australia and what is experienced during this period.
  • Write from a different perspective. Write from the perspective of the opposite gender, as an A.I in the future, or an inanimate object that serves some importance.
  • Writing about yourself. Creative writers may choose the easy way and write about themselves.
  • Write about living in a particular foreign country, for example, living in Australia as a transfer student.
  • Use Magical Realism, for example, two people who dream about each other before they even meet.

Creativity is boosted when you are willing to explore new horizons. That’s why reading widely is essential. It helps you draw ideas from different authors and combine them to create a great story.

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