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A book review assignment seems to be easy from first sight. Many students fail it anyway. Why? This assignment hides some troubles inside. They are not easy to consider. When they face them, it appears that no time for a proper work left. What are these dangerous obstacles?

  • The main mistake every student is likely to commit is neglect a problem. The first thoughts were appearing in our mind when we get an assignment sound like: “Aw, it is a review. I can do it fast. Now I have got more serious things to do”. When the deadline comes, you try to read a book, find summaries on the Internet, and gather every tiny piece of information to assemble a review. One should read the whole book (or at least its big part) to have a comprehensive opinion. A review is your way to describe the material. Picking strange thoughts will be revealed by your tutors if they know you a little bit.
  • The second mistake is postponing writing to the last day. How do you think, would a famous newspaper become so popular and influential if a New York Times book review had been prepared in one day? It is a complex and complicated task. Start it right after it’s assigned.
  • The third mistake concerns poor knowledge of the review writing style. It is implied to be your composition without getting deep into science and writing details. It has got many regulations and writing intricacies to consider.

We can continue this list with more reasons.  We are here not for complaining. We are going to find a solution. Is there any suitable for a modern student? Writing a book review that is worth the highest grade can be done by two means. You can try it by yourself. It will be tedious and time-consuming. Nothing is guaranteed except higher self-esteem. The second way is far more comfortable. Hire someone to write a good review. You’ll get professional writing skills, in-depth knowledge and much time for little money. You are closer to these advantages than you think. You’ve come to the right place.

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We Use Book Review Blogs, JSTOR, Emerald Insight, and EBSCO as Prime Sources

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