A Guide on How to Write your Perfect Educating Rita Essay

July 23, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Educating Rita is a popular play read by most students at schools for syllabus and exam purposes. Throughout the study period, students are expected to write multiple essays on the play. Most such essays are reviews, which require the author to write a summary, an evaluation, a critique, and personalized review of the book. While many institutions use the play for their essay exercises, some students find it difficult to craft an excellent Educating Rita essay. This post can appear as an extremely useful source of information for such students, as you can learn from it how to write the essay from the introduction to the conclusion.

The Detailed Summary to Write a Top-notch Paper

Many students are burdened by the extensive and complicating studying process at schools, colleges or universities. Many of them claim that one of the most unmanageable tasks is writing various essays based on the different novels or plays, such as ‘Educating Rita.’ It may not be simple, but you can compose an excellent text with a little help from expertise guide below:

  • Write a good heading

Review essays include a proper title written in a specific format accepted for the particular institution. You may need to investigate to know the right format to use in writing your topic for the review essay. Professionals advocate for proper topic choice. For your Educating Rita essay, you can include the title of the play, the author, the place of publication, the publisher, the date of publication and the number of pages. Make sure you include all the bibliographical information in your heading to show that you are writing a review essay.

  • Write a catchy introduction

The introduction of your review essay based on the play should be appealing and motivate to read on. Your audience wants to know whether your text is worth reading. You can prove this by crafting an excellent introduction. Be sure to include relevant information in the paper such as the author’s background and the previous work he or she has done. Also, you can highlight the main points that you would capture in your critical response. Writing proper opening declarations that would attract the reader is essential for your essay. Try to avoid boring and dull introduction of your text. If you are uncertain of what you want to include in the introduction, you can opt to do it last when you have written the other sections and known the primary points of your essay.

  • Write the plot summary

For your reader to flow with your essay, they have to understand the overview of the plot. Probably, they have not read it before, so you have to bring them on board through writing a proper summary of all of the scenes. However, avoid giving details of the end of the play in the abstract. You can share the main points discussed by the author. Also, highlight the various elements used to communicate the main idea of the masterpiece. Mention the characters and their contribution to the success of the play and do not forget to make this section as informative as possible. Many students fail to write good summaries because of repetition and duplicating what the author wrote. So they should paraphrase or shorten  the most important parts of the play. However, you should be sure to use citations and quotes where plagiarism might be detected.

  • Evaluate and critique the play

This section is the central part of the review essay. Since you have summarized the play and discussed the main themes of the text, you have to analyze it critically. Review essays are simple to write if the writer brainstorms various responses that they would include in this section. Some of the questions you need to answer while analyzing the text can be whether the play achieved its goal and the relation of the play to other masterpieces with a similar idea. These questions can essentially help you write a compelling evaluation and critique of the play.

  • Conclude your review

The last section of your review essay is the conclusion. Primarily, the end does not include any new ideas or a theme that the writer did not highlight in the introduction and the body parts. Give a summary of the points you have written conclusively. You can add the strengths and limitations of the play in your conclusion. Also, clarify the right audience for the play. Your Educating Rita essay can also include your recommendation of the play for other people as well as the starred rating following your review.

  • Read and revise your review before submission

It is possible that your review essay will not be as perfect as you expected it to be. It explains why re-reading, revising and correcting your first draft is important. You get a chance to eliminate any spelling and grammar mistakes that would undermine the quality of your paper. The best way to edit and proofread your first draft is taking rest for few days before embarking on it with a fresh eye.

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