A Short Guide to Structuring and Writing an Essay Plan

June 26, 2018 | GradeMiners
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The Main Elements of an Essay Plan Template

Once you have generated some ideas on what you intend to use your essay, what is next? It is critical to come up with a plan of how you intend to proceed before heading to the library to do research. This may feel strange to you—in any case, how can you respond to the question before conducting any research? —well, beginning with an initial plan enables you to organise your ideas and target your reading. In the absence of a sense of direction in which to head, you can easily get lost in the process. The initial plan is provisional and could include a thesis statement responding to the question, as well as a brief outline of the possible main points. This article highlights the main elements of an essay template with the goal of helping you plan your essay better.

Does Essay Writing Even Need a Plan?

Well, chefs need recipes, architects need blueprints, and essay writers need plans. The goal of academic writing is to present a logical and well-reasoned argument in response to a particular question. Having an effective structure ensures that your point unfolds clearly to the audience. If you want your paper to be progressive and focused, instead of a jumble of ideas, then you need an essay plan template.

Please note that since everyone works differently, each writer must find a planning system that works for him or her. It is, however, important to make sure that you do not jump too fast from the research process to the writing. Take some time to consider how you will order your ideas, as well as what the central claim of your essay will be. Consider:

  • Whether you understand the task required of you from the essay prompt
  • If you know the relevance of the question
  • Your instinctive response to the question
  • What else you need to find out

There are some steps you need to take when creating an essay plan. First, break down the various parts of the assignment question. This way you can figure out the meaning of the task word (such as argue, discuss, or describe), and identify precisely what you ought to write about. In the event that the essay question appears too general and broad, decide which facets to focus your response on.

Next, create a mind map of any knowledge you already have about the topic. This is where you try to identify your instinctive response to the question. Also, create some questions that will guide your research.

The next phase of planning is the research stage. As you seek additional information to build your essay, make sure to keep track of the sources you consult. Interrogate what you read, and challenge the authors’ points of view. Make sure to note only what is important to your topic, rather than including everything on the subject.

From the research, you can then identify the main points that will assist you to respond effectively to the question. Pool the ideas together in a typed document, a large piece of paper or a mind map, then organise them. Assort the related ones, and indicate counter-arguments.

The next phase of the planning is grouping ideas. The student must decide on the over-arching argument for the paper, according to evidence collected and analysed. Next, you must choose the logical order in which to organise your points. Each one could be summarised separately and moved around until the best flow is attained. Make sure each point links to the one before and after it.

What are Key Elements of a Good Essay Plan?

An important consideration when developing an essay plan is the structure. According to the rule of three, essays should have a clear introduction, a strong main body and a concise conclusion. The precise number of paragraphs in the body section will depend on the topic, the discipline and the required word count. Most important is the need to make sure that each paragraph communicates only one main idea. Here are the other elements of an essay plan template:

  • An arguable thesis statement

An essay plan must indicate the response to the question. As such, having a concise and properly formulated thesis statement helps determine the direction of the argument. Here, a thesis implies a clear and direct response to the question or a claim that can be further explored in the body of the essay. In most cases, the thesis statement is one or two sentences long and is placed towards the end of the introduction. Make your thesis statement more analytic or interpretive, instead of just descriptive or factual. When writing an essay, you will find that the thesis statement performs two functions. First, it motivates and structures the outline and the initial draft. In the second role, the thesis statement functions as the main organising idea if the last draft. In other words, in your essay plan, the thesis statement is in the form of a working claim, guiding the processes of outlining and drafting, which is likely to change several times before becoming a more refined statement in the final draft.

  • Possible essay main points

Another important element of a good essay plan is an indication of where to place main points. Once you have developed a working claim, you could follow it with a paragraph of a set of items that highlights the reasons for your answer. These can then lead to main ideas of the essay. These are the ones that the essay will develop around. Each point will form a paragraph. In the first plan try to express each idea in a single and clear sentence, which can later be used as topic sentences. In the second plan, you develop them further.

To summarise, essay plans are important for a unified and coherent paper. A student who has problems developing the plans can seek an essay plan online. An even better way to get quality assistance with a custom essay plan that meets the characteristics outlined here is to contact a reliable writing service like GradeMiners.com. This is a writing service with more than 5 years’ experience helping students with their papers. The service only hires masters and PhD writers and takes strict steps to ensure their competence. Other benefits include available customer support team and free revisions on all orders. All you need to do to get such assistance is fill out an order form.

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