Step-by-Step Guidelines for Writing an Of Mice and Men Essay

July 29, 2018 | GradeMiners
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In general, an analysis of written work including books, films or articles is a critical essay. The purpose of a critical piece is to give a personal interpretation or opinion of specific themes in a text. For example, an Of Mice and Men essay should explore the main themes, characters’ attributes, and meaning of the Of Mice and Men book by John Steinbeck. This essay requires not just a deep understanding of the book, but also knowledge of how to structure the essay. Regardless of which book or article your essay is about, it must include a thesis statement of your argument and evidence to support it.

Go through these invaluable tips before you begin your essay.

Read and Understand the Instructions

For any paper you are tasked with, the first step should be to check the provided instructions. Your professor/teacher will hand out the Of Mice and Men essay assignment with guidelines that you must follow. Go through these instructions immediately and for any part that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to seek clarification. Full compliance with the assignment instructions may have a significant influence on your score.

Do an In-depth Reading of the Book

After you have fully understood what the task is about, get a copy of the primary source, which in this case is the Of Mice and Men book, and read it. Don’t read the book like you would a novel; critically study it. You can ensure your reading is productive in the following ways.

Read When You Are Fresh and Most Productive

Read when your body is adequately rested, and your brain is most productive. Of Mice and Men is a story about two men’s journey to fulfilling their dream of owning a ranch. However, there are underlying themes of the meaning of humanity and being human that you will only understand by reading the book keenly.

Get a Suitable Place for Reading

An appropriate reading space should be quiet, well-ventilated, adequately lighted, comfortable, and free from distractions.

Divide Your Work

Don’t attempt to read the book in one sitting. Instead, divide the chapters into short spaced out reading sessions.

Make Notes as You Progress

Have a notebook and pen with you and write down anything that you think will be useful for your Of Mice and Men essay development.

Do a Review at the End

You could review what you have read by going through your notes. Identify recurring themes and issues addressed in the book.

Collect Secondary Sources

In some cases, using additional sources is not required. However, if the assignment asks you to or gives you the freedom to choose whether to add other sources, it is always best to read one or two additional sources. Moreover, reading outside the primary sources broadens your perspective and helps you find new ways to explore the book’s themes in your Of Mice and Men essay.

Develop Your Essay Thesis

Once you pretty much have an idea of what you intend to write about in your essay, you are ready to begin your piece. The first step is developing your thesis. A thesis statement presents the principal focus of your essay and guides the rest of your essay creation. An outstanding thesis should portray the following attributes:

  • One or two sentences long
  • Adequately detailed
  • Free from unnecessary and obvious facts
  • Contain an argument that can be backed up with proof
  • Appears at the end of the introduction unless otherwise stated

Create Your Essay Outline

An outline is best described as the skeleton of an essay. It should guide the structuring of the essay and ensures that you don’t leave out important ideas while making your draft.

Begin Your Essay with an Appealing Line

The way you start your essay shapes the opinion your reader forms about it. Your first statement should be captivating while leading the reader straight into the topic.

Give a Brief Background of the Story

It is essential to familiarise the reader with what you intend to talk about in your essay. However, don’t rewrite the entire story. Give background context of the book as relating to the themes you will explore in your essay. This information should be in the first paragraph of your introduction.

Assign a Paragraph for Each Idea in Your Analysis

After the introduction, the body section of your essay follows. This part is the ‘meat’ of your piece. If you intend to discuss two to three ideas in your body, you will need to create a paragraph for each idea. All your thoughts, however, should focus on proving the thesis.

Make a Satisfactory Conclusion

The conclusion is pretty much the same as of any other academic essay. It should re-emphasise the thesis and the main argument supporting it. However, what will make your conclusion stand out is your choice of words. Make it fresh by using new expressions and words rather than repeating your thesis or ideas.

Allow Your Draft to Sit For A Few Days before Making the Final Essay

By now, you will have worked on your essay for days. If you start early, you will have several days before the deadline to review and proofread. So, let it rest for a day or two and revisit it later with a fresh frame of mind. Revise, edit, and make your final document.

Seek Professional Help

This essay demands dedication of numerous hours of your time to read the book, which in most cases is not possible. Let’s face it; today, most university students in Australia struggle to keep up with multiple assignments. has writing experts specialised in different types of essay available to assist you 24/7. Get in touch with them today for a well-written piece just for you.

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