Understanding a Belonging Thesis

July 17, 2018 | GradeMiners
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A belonging thesis is a paper that describes how an individual or a group of people belong to a certain community, belief system, or an identity. Drafting the paper can be challenging due to the data collection procedures. It is also difficult to access credible information. Additionally, analysing the data and assembling it to the thesis poses a challenge to most individuals.

Below are some ways to simplify the process as you write your belonging thesis.

Select the Group or Character to Examine

Your geographical area may have interesting characters that have always fascinated you. You may have also interacted with individuals at school, functions, or at work who pique your interest especially due to their different culture and beliefs. A belonging thesis presents a rare opportunity to examine these individuals, and understand more about their history, culture, beliefs, and practices, and how they belong.

The paper will also help you understand why that character or community behaves in a certain way and probably develop a solution to an issue that has been affecting them for generations! You thus need to select a group that you are fascinated about and one that will provide rich information that will make your thesis interesting and informative. This process is important since choosing a group that you are interested in will motivate you to continue with your thesis despite encountering obstacles. A boring group or one that you are not amused by will only make the process tedious, making it difficult to conduct the research and hand in the paper in time.

Formulate Ideas

One major question you need to ask yourself is the belonging ideas to research. A good strategy is to come up with three ideas, then choose the best one out of them. Multiple ideas will help you to pick the one that seems to produce the most number of points. You need a belonging idea that is extensive and detailed, and that will provide adequate information for your thesis. You should thus be careful when coming up with the ideas and selecting the best since they form the basis of your research.

One idea example is the points that relate to belonging and identity. That is instances where the characters view themselves as being part of a specific identity. This can include a temperament, behaviour, and taste. Another idea can be the one that relates to conformity and belonging. Does the character conform to a particular group or social order? Belonging can also be referred to people, places and cultures. Lastly, the choice can become a factor in belonging whereby the character chooses whether or not to conform to something.

Relate the Ideas to the Character or Group

In this step, the writer needs to identify whether the character or group in question belongs. While analysing, the student will determine if the character is struggling to belong. Does the person struggle to fit in despite their different nature from that of the group? Or do they accept their difference and gain inner peace?

Analyse the Premise

The premise in this sense refers to the background situation in which all events take place. It can relate to the physical location of the character or group, what they do, and how the actions impact them and others around. With whom or what does the character (s) interact with?

The Structuring Process

In this stage, you analyse the main character about the premise and the main ideas of the belonging thesis. You must consider the events that are bound to happen and how they will affect the character and all the other subjects within the environment. What is the individual going to realise their sense of belonging eventually?

Writing the Paper

The paper comprises of an introduction, the body, and conclusion. You will introduce the character in the introduction and provide their background information. This section is important because you will show the world of the character to the reader. The audience will have a sense of the person in question and various elements of their life. You will then explain the character’s environment in detail.

The body section involves a detailed description of the events and the character. Each paragraph should represent a new idea. You need to ensure that there is a good flow of these ideas. You should arrange them in a precise manner that the reader can easily follow. The reader should understand the message you aim at conveying. The body section should answer the reader’s questions as opposed to confusing them and the concept they had about the character and their environment. The conclusion section includes the major epiphany in the character’s discovery journey.

Proofread To Remove Mistakes

Once done, ensure that you go through your work thoroughly. The aim is to scan for any errors and unrelated ideas. You should also list the references for the external sources used when writing the paper. The reference format depends on the instructions. You need to familiarise yourself with these formats and their structures.

Employ These Tips to Submit a Flawless and Comprehensive Paper

These tips should reduce the doubts and anxiety about writing an amazing belonging paper. They show that you have all the resources to submit a wonderful text for your thesis. We have laid the process systematically to help you become a better performer. Employ the process to whip a detailed and brilliant paper. You also have the choice of delegating the task to professionals especially if you do not feel up to it or if you lack the time or resources to produce an excellent paper. Assign the task to a reputable company like GradeMiners.com, which is known for its professionalism and outstanding quality, and get your paper in record time.

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