A Photo Essay: How to Succeed in It

July 14, 2018 | GradeMiners
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A photo essay is an assortment of photographs arranged together to portray a certain message. The main purpose is to create a sequence of emotions from which the reader can derive a certain meaning. For this reason, the photographer must select pictures depicting distinct emotions to make the process effective.

Preparing the Best Essay

The increasing use of photo stories explains why students need to know how to assemble their essays. Organizations and individuals like advertisers and bloggers continually employ this art for publicity, marketing purposes, branding, and educating the public. Hence, the knowledge will assist in the future as students explain a concept or aim at capturing a memorable moment in the audience’s mind.

Creating such an essay can be challenging, especially if a student does not have prior knowledge of the art of photography. This is a challenge facing most students since they lack information about the basic rules of handling such a task, the format, and the photos to use to create a lasting impression. Besides, most websites only provide basic information, which does not assist in creating the best essay.

The following descriptions will guide you to create a memorable and fantastic essay

Generate Passion for the Task

The most important thing that will ensure the creation of an excellent photo essay is having an interest in the task. The process of creating these artistic pieces requires a lot of effort and talent. Lack of interest results in giving up amidst the assignment or coming up with a horrible theme and presentation. Passion will motivate you to travel to different locations, take pictures, conduct online research, and embark on the creation process.

Find an Interesting and Insightful Topic

The objective of a photo essay is to create a memorable presentation to the audience. You need to find the best topic that the audience will relate with, empathise with, and that will influence their daily lives. The photos need to send a specific message. They should thus be related and create a story. You cannot gather random photos, patch them together, and call it an essay. Therefore, the most important step in making this essay a success is deciding the story to convey in your creation.

The topic can either be on current events such as politics, fashion trends, entertainment, a celebrity or a major landmark. Another consideration is the season that you are currently in. A good example is choosing to focus on the Christmas holiday if you are composing your essay during the December holidays and want it to correlate with the season of the year. You will use Christmas themed pictures in this case. Furthermore, you must conduct a study on your audience to create something that they will find interesting and aligns with their interests.

Similarly, you need to select a thematic approach to the building process. The theme of the essay acts as a guide to maintain your focus on the main message you intend to convey to the audience.

Organize Your Shoot

You need some preparations as well as the requisite paraphernalia for the photography process. First, you need a camera that will take quality images. There are numerous sophisticated smartphones nowadays that can take decent pictures for your collage. But all in all, use the best resources at your disposal.

You also need to have permission to take images at certain public or private places before the shooting process. Various jurisdictions prohibit unauthorised photography in some locations. You do not want to get into trouble with the law in your data gathering process as it will be a major setback to your efforts.

Lastly, you should research other sources. These can be through conducting interviews with people from different areas or online research to get additional information about your photos. The internet is also a huge resource for stock photography. However, ensure that the photographs are free to use and distribute before using them for your project.

Create the Outline

This step involves selecting your focus image. The outline is a signature photo that will portray the main idea of your essay. Other important shots will include the likes of establishment shots, detail images, and a clincher image. Detail images comprise of close-ups and portraits. Establishment shots set the tone of the essay. Clinchers summarise the entire work.

The Capturing Process

While taking photos, you need to test images to determine the appropriate ISO. ISO defines the light amount allowed in by the lens as well as the speed of capture. You want pictures that capture as much detail as possible. Take excess images to have a wide variety to choose from.

Organize Your Essay

You need to plan and organise the essay to ensure that it captures your topic and theme. You first have to exclude all unwanted photographs. You should then select your focus image since it summarises the story. After that, you need to categorise the remaining images based on the theme. Choosing a layout design is also important when it comes to presentation. You can decide to arrange images regarding sub-topics that reflect varied components of the main idea. Ensure that the selected design is understandable to all audiences. You can add text captions to enhance the understanding of your essay

Ask for feedback

Finally, you need to seek the opinion of other individuals regarding the essay. Honest feedback will highlight any mistakes thus assisting in improving the design.

Start Creating Your Brilliant Essay

You will no longer experience anxiety or restlessness thinking about that crucial photo essay with a limited deadline. You can comfortably create an amazing presentation after applying these insightful tips. Use the tips to submit a unique essay within the deadline. You can also request professionals from GradeMiners.com to perform the task if you still have doubts about your skills or if you want the essay urgently.

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