Tips to Learn Effective Writing Essay from George Orwell

June 26, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Having Problems with George Orwell Essays? — Here Are Some Tips

Anyone who is familiar with the writings of George Orwell, and who has read his ‘Politics and the English Language’ know how much he despises confusing careless and unclear prose. For students, therefore, essays of this nature are some of the most challenging tasks possible. In general, quality writing demands careful planning, research and organisation. For students wondering how to deal with George Orwell essays, this is the right paper for you. In this article, we outline some important elements of quality writing.

Although there is no agreed universal definition of what entails a good writing piece, there are some common attributes that exist across all quality academic papers. For instance, a quality essay is one that follows the instructions set out in the prompt and adheres to the rules of spelling and grammar. Here are some suggestions to get you going on your writing:

  • Read and understand the essay prompt and the question

You cannot write great papers without understanding what is required of you. The assignment prompt is your guide to the requirements and instructions. What is the question? Is there a stipulated word count? Do you need to include specific sources? Are you allowed to pick your own topic, or is there a precise one? Understanding these elements puts you in the right frame for the research and writing process.

  • Brainstorm and plan out the paper

Writing stellar George Orwell essays must start with the collection of ideas. Brainstorming is like discussing the topic and the essay question within yourself. To make your writing interesting and informative, start by noting down everything you already know about the topic. Consider the stipulated word count, as there may not be enough room for all your ideas.

After brainstorming and listing down ideas for the paper based on your understanding of the question, it is time to develop a plan or outline to guide the writing. An outline is simply a map of how you intend to say what you plan to say in the essay. Having a plan will ensure that you do not leave out any important points and that you do not stray from the topic.

  • Start out with a catchy hook

One mistake students often make is writing essays that are too formal and plain. After going through the tons of submissions, your instructor is probably tired and would like something informative. In fact, most professors make up their mind on whether to keep reading the paper after the first two lines. Consequently, you must prioritise opening your writing piece with a catchy hook. Please note that catchy does not mean goofy, and does not have to be humorous. Grabbing the attention of your readers could be achieved through the use of interesting general statements or facts relating to the topic, or through the use of unexpected and staggering statistics.

  • Begin with a strong introduction and thesis statement

Start poorly, and your instructor may not go beyond the first paragraph. In fact, instructors make up their mind on the grade range for the essay after finishing the introduction. A strong start influences the reader’s attitude to the entire paper. In your introduction, confidently indicate what you are writing about, and the goal of your essay. A strong introduction includes an arguable and concise thesis statement, written in one or two sentences. The main claim sets the tone for the entire piece, thus it should be debatable, concise, and specific.

  • Use the body to back up your thesis

For a cohesive and relevant paper, it is important to make sure that the whole of your paper is directed towards proving your point of view as stated in the thesis. Every point made, as well as the evidence and examples chosen, must contribute towards supporting the central claim.

  • Use the right structure

Another important tip for stellar George Orwell essays is to use the proper structure. The most common structure for organising essays comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. This same structure applies to the paragraphs. Organise your paper in a way that every paragraph contains only one main idea. The opening part is the topic sentence, where you introduce the idea. You then provide support for it in the subsequent lines, ending with a conclusion that also transitions to the next idea.

  • End your essay with a concise conclusion

A mark of good writing is how the writer signs off. The content of your conclusion will depend on the rest of your paper. Use this section to tie together the various segments of your essay. Offer a synthesis of your main points and bring an end to the discussion on a logical note. Avoid introducing new ideas or material here. Rather, use it to inform the reader of the implications of the discussion and how the ideas link to the bigger picture on the topic. Most importantly, your conclusion must offer a restatement of your thesis.

  • Thoroughly proofread and edit your work

Even the best writers can sometimes make mistakes. Nothing makes a paper look sloppy and unprofessional like grammar errors, typos, and formatting mistakes. Before proofreading, take some time off from writing. This will give you a fresh perspective to critique the text. You could also seek assistance from friends or professional proofreaders.

This article discusses some strategies to use for stellar George Orwell essays. While these tips are meant to improve your writing, there are many factors that could still hamper your ability to produce good papers. If, for whatever reason, you cannot work on your essay on your own, it could be a good idea to seek professional writing assistance from a top agency like This is a reliable writing service with more than 5 years’ experience providing quality writing assistance to students in Australia. When you place your order, you are guaranteed of an original and plagiarism free paper at affordable rates.

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