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July 16, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Some students are intimidated by essay writing since they imagine that the process is strenuous and involves conducting intensive research. They have also attained poor grades in the past, which gave them a negative attitude towards essays. It is necessary to deal with these fears and attitudes with professional essay writing tips since the concerns and attitudes affect a student’s performance and prevent them from acquiring an important skill: essay writing.

Essay Writing Challenges Facing Students Today

Various factors prevent students from writing excellent essays. Some students face challenges since they are slow writers. They take time to come up with ideas and spend a lot of time expressing the points in essays. They end up with excellent content way past the deadline, which results in late penalties that affect their overall performance. Such incidents discourage these individuals from writing essays in future. Other students have poor writing skills, which lead to poorly drafted and worded essays. The poor skills make it difficult for professors and other readers to understand the papers written by such students. This automatically results in a poor performance.

Lastly, some students lack adequate time to do their essays due to part-time jobs and other significant commitments. These students spend most of their time tending to these responsibilities leaving inadequate time to focus on coursework and write important essays. Such individuals need guidance on how to plan and write the highest quality papers with the limited time they have. However, this process does not have to cause much consternation to a student. With the proper guidelines and essay writing tips, any student can write a splendid paper that will impress them as well as the instructor.

Here are excellent essay writing tips to assist students struggling with writing and time management.


Time is the underlying factor in the above challenges. The slow thinker and writer would have salvaged their grades if they had had adequate time. The student with poor writing skills would submit a quality paper had they taken sufficient time to prepare, write, and proofread their paper. Those students with jobs and other commitments can maintain good grades if they make maximum use of their time. Therefore, the first tip is to have an elaborate plan outlining the time to handle all important essay writing sections. You need to allocate time for picking a topic, research, writing a draft, writing the essay, proofreading, and submitting the paper punctually. You should then manage that time to ensure that you meet the deadlines and come up with an excellent paper.

Pick a Topic

Before you begin, you must at least know what you are going to write about beforehand. This is among the most important essay writing tips. Picking a topic will help you plan on what you are going to write. It also provides a clear pathway on the specific data on which to conduct research. Topics can either be those assigned by your supervisor or of your choice. Students have freedom choosing what to write if they are instructed to write on a creative topic. However, selecting it can be time-consuming. Choose one that you understand and that you will enjoy writing. You need to comply with the instructor’s requirements during cases where they provide a topic.

Research on the Topic

Research forms the bedrock of the writing process. In this stage, you need to gather as much information as possible about the topic you have at hand. Likewise, it is through this undertaking that you will derive the main purpose of the essays. The aim of a paper can either be to entertain, to educate, or to persuade. You will also get to determine the required tone of your writing depending on the purpose of the essay.

Make an Outline

Next, you need to organise your thoughts. This action will enable the student to write faster and communicate better with the reader. In the outlining stage, write down all the main facts and ideas you already know. You can as well leave some spacing beneath each point. In these spaces, you can write down the smaller ideas related to the main point.

Another alternative is to write the title in the middle of the paper and draw arrows pointing away from it in various directions. Each of the arrows should lead to different boxes representing different ideas. This activity will enable you to visualise the thought flow process.

Write the Introduction

You can now write the paper after conducting extensive research and planning the essay. The introduction is the first section, and it comprises the hook and the thesis statement. The hook is a key phrase that is meant to capture the attention of the reader. It can be a witty statement or a quote depending on the purpose of the paper. A thesis statement, on the other hand, informs the reader about the main agenda of the essay. It usually has two parts. The first part mentions the topic while the second gives more detail about the purpose of the paper.

The Body

The body will articulate the opinions, ideas, and arguments in your essay. It is composed of multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph should represent a unique idea. Furthermore, there should be an interconnection among all the paragraphs.


The conclusion contains a summary of the essay. You should mention all the main points, recommendations in this section. You can also write your final thoughts on the topic.


You must proofread your essay to correct any errors. You should also format your paragraphs depending on your chosen writing style and punctuate the text accordingly. Give credit to authors of the external information you utilised within your essay.

Write an Excellent Essay Using These Brilliant Tips

These tips allow you to write awesome essays effortlessly and meet that academic requirement. Start with an essay for your favourite class, and you will be writing like a pro in no time. You can also choose to seek professional assistance from a reputable company like GradeMiners.com if you lack the confidence or time to write a perfect essay.

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