Essay Questions: Why They Are a Student’s Pain

July 18, 2018 | GradeMiners
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No matter your efforts of avoiding essay questions, a time will come for you to face them head-on. You will know much happiness if they find you prepared. The questions will be a smooth sail through since you will be informed and thus more confident to take on the queries.

But before that, several things can curtail your ability to work on essay questions. First, you may not have adequate information on the requirements of a particular test. In turn, it will be difficult for you to decipher how to respond to the questions therein. Consequently, you might provide inappropriate answers that will undoubtedly earn you a low score.

Another thing that can prevent you from responding to your composition questions with the much-required efficacy is lack of time. You might have less time to prepare for your questions because you are combining studies with other duties, you have other assignments, and so on. This situation will make it challenging for you to work on your essay questions efficiently thus undermining your performance.

The complexity of essay queries also makes this form of test a nightmare for students. Many students in Australia would rather work on multiple-choice questions the whole day than be subjected to an hour of tackling essay quizzes. They find the questions to be complicated (which they are by the way).

You have to analyse and evaluate a lot before providing your response. And when it gets down to giving your answer, you will have to explain your response accordingly to demonstrate it. This endeavour is downright demanding, and most students fail their essay quizzes dues to this taxing nature of the questions.

Essay questions can also be an uphill task to get over if you have a limited grasp of the English language. Despite having the right answers in your head, failure to communicate them effectively in your response will result in a fail. For example, IELTS essay quizzes require you to have an adequate command of the language to tackle them efficiently.

These are a few things that might be curtailing your ability to work on article questions. Do not fret though. This post is laden with useful tips that will help you ace your test questions from today. But before we can delve into that, here are some essay queries you might be facing:

Types of Essay Quizzes

The following are some of the quizzes that have sections where you will have to provide your response to article questions:


This test will require you to tackle essay queries in the writing task two. The questions usually touch on an array of topics such as Art, Personality and Communication, Money and Business, Environment, Education, and so forth.

There are several essay types you can be asked to write for your IELTS composition questions. They include opinion essays, direct question compositions, solution articles, discussion essays and advantage and disadvantage essays.

Area of Study Essay Quizzes

These are article questions that gauge your understanding of a particular subject or field of study such as English, History, Psychology, to name a few. Whenever you have trouble with area-specific essay queries, it is advisable that you seek help from your educator or online writing companies. On the latter; you can get professional help from a writer in an online company from scratch to finish your essay. Or, you can ask for samples to help you learn how to do it on your own.

Excellent Tips for Tackling an Essay Question

Below are some top-notch ways to go about your article questions:

Analyse and Evaluate the Question

The question for an essay assignment or test gets complex the higher you go in your learning. For better understanding, try to divide it into distinct parts. Ask yourself what each section requires and then put it all together. For example, an essay may ask you to discuss a particular concept giving your view on it. However, the same question may also limit your discussion within specific parameters or ask you to refer to a particular text.

Re-Read the Text

After dissecting the question and making your conclusion on what is required reread the prompt. Re-reading it gives you a new perspective and makes sure you have not missed anything essential.

Offer Answers You Can Explain Effectively

When writing about anything, academic or personal, it is safest to stick to what you know. Though an assignment allows you time and freedom to research on a topic that you possess limited knowledge in, an exam or test is spontaneous. You will need to work with what you already have. Therefore, give only those points you can discuss effectively. Providing half-baked ideas can reduce credibility to your essay.

Stick to the Topic

Keep the topic of the essay in mind as you write to avoid straying from the objective. The essay prompt/ question should help to write a proper and fitting thesis statement. A thesis statement dictates the direction your essay takes. Keep to the topic by developing and building on your ideas rather than giving stand-alone points. A composition which has connecting paragraphs flows smoothly to the reader and attracts a favourable opinion on your essay.

Hire an Expert Writer Online

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