Sample Belonging Essay Questions for a Great Essay on the Concept of Belonging

July 21, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Any composition you write for academic purposes must stick to a strict academic standard and structure. Don’t panic; once you get the drift of it, writing an excellent essay will be pretty easy. While this article will mainly discuss some belonging essay questions for practice, there is also a list of valuable tips to help you put together your essay.

First, let me talk about why you need to practice for an essay test. You cannot quite predict which prompt will come on the exam. However, through practice, you will gain the required writing skills to talk whichever essay question that will appear during the test. Practising also helps you develop time management skills and improve your command of grammar. So, practice as often as you can ahead of your exam with these belonging essay questions.

To What Extent Do You Agree with The Statement ‘To Belong Is What Makes One Human’?

This question is asking for your view on whether the sense or need to belong is a human instinct. Humans, like all other animals, depend on a set of instinctive feelings to survive. The question is: is belonging one such sense? Here, you are required to take a side; whether you agree or disagree and to what extent.

What Are Your Views On Belonging with Individuality and Conformity in Mind?

Most belonging essays questions will ask for your views as an individual and not the general public opinion on the topic. This question is one such prompt. To understand the question, understand each part that forms it. What is individuality? What is conformity? How do the two concepts relate to belonging? Here, the question requires you to describe the three concepts as you understand them and show how they connect. For example, does the desire to belong make one conform to particular standards?

Is The Desire to Belong Universal?

This question is more like the first question explained in this article in that it seeks to determine if belonging is inherent to every human being. However, the focus here is on desire rather than instinct or survival. This prompt requires you to give points and evidence on whether the desire to belong is a universal feeling or not. The question does not necessarily ask for your personal views.

Does The Need for Belonging Come from Within or from Without?

This prompt is one of the most interesting belonging essays questions to explore. It requires you to discuss the origin of the need to belong. Does it stem from lacking something such as friendship/ companionship or is it a natural feeling from within oneself? Here, you must take either side and support your claim with examples as proof. Weigh points for and against each position to determine the best way to write your essay.

Is Belonging Constructed and Controlled by The Society?

What controls or drives the concept of belonging in an individual? Does the community around you make you want to belong to it? Examine if belonging is an individual need or a construct need invented by the society.

Tricks to Make Your Essay Stand Out

It is common for students to quickly put together an essay with all the necessary parts which include an introduction, body, and conclusion without much thought. For most examiners, such a composition is enough for the student to attain an average score or at least a pass. However, if you are looking to score a particularly good grade, your essay must stand out from the pile. Here are a few tips to follow:

Start with a Bold Introduction

Before you begin your writing, think about your audience. What would you like the reader to know about you? What is the opinion you would like them to have about your essay? These question will help you shape your essay’s objectives. Aim to grab the reader from the first statement in your introduction. It could be an invoking statement, compelling quote or bold question.

Tell Your Story Vividly

It is not enough to describe an event; pull your reader by anecdotes and phrases that draw the reader to the scene of your story. Moreover, try to invoke the audience’s emotions and feelings towards the issue you are discussing. In the end, you must convince the reader to see the matter under consideration in your point of view.

Connect Your Ideas to Build Sophisticated Sentences

Use of compound and complex sentences in an essay depicts advanced skills in grammar and language. To build these sentences, find a way to link your ideas. However, place a few simple sentences to break the monotony and show impact. Learning how to use these sentences properly in your writing needs regular practice.

Use Diverse Vocabulary

If you are writing a college essay, you must display college-level vocabulary. Go for synonyms when you want to use a word or phrase that you have already used at least three in the test. It will help you avoid repetition and make your text enjoyable to read.

End by Giving the Reader Something to Think About

Your conclusion should take the reader back to where you started. So, start by bringing your readers attention back to your thesis statement. In your final sentence, leave your reader with something to ponder on. For example, it could be the impact your discussion would have on a broader scope.

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