Challenges Involved In Writing a Romeo and Juliet Essay?

July 13, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Romeo and Juliet is a popular play enjoyed by individuals globally. However, some students face challenges writing a Romeo and Juliet essay, which results in submitting poorly written essays that affect they overall grades. Fortunately, you can improve your grades by writing an excellent paper with these incredible tips.

Who Are Romeo and Juliet?

This is a common question posed by individuals unfamiliar to the text. Another question is: Why this play? There exist many masterpieces written by excellent playwrights over the years. Why do people globally prefer this particular play? A Romeo and Juliet essay is a paper based on the piece of work by the legendary playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare. This particular drama is a tragic romance play because the events within the drama involve a love affair that ends in disaster. The story focuses on the lives and circumstances of two young lovers Romeo and Juliet who belong to two antagonistic families known as the Capulets and Montagues. Romeo is a member of the Montague family while Juliet is a Capulet.

The two characters accidentally fall in love. Their bond becomes so strong that they end up being infatuated with each other. Both families become strongly opposed to this illicit affair, and the existing hostilities only get worse between them. Juliet’s family wants her to marry a man chosen by them, yet she is madly in love with Romeo. A turn of events occurs whereby Juliet is given a potion that puts her into a deep stupor so that Romeo finds her then elope with her after she awakens. But when Romeo discovers Juliet asleep he thinks she is dead and takes poison so that he can also die.

Juliet then awakens, but it is too late. Romeo dies and leaves Juliet devastated. Juliet decides to take the same poison and both end up dead. This play is considered one of the most popular works of William Shakespeare.

So, How Can I Write an Outstanding Essay To Capture This Love Story?

Read the play thoroughly and understand it. The first step before writing about a play or a novel is to read it keenly to understand what it entails. You should first read the play to grasp the main idea and the various themes discussed in the book. This process will help you understand the general information that the author is conveying to the audience. You will have a general framework of the play once done with this step. This forms a foundation that will guide you into the next step.

You should go over the play a second time after the first reading. The second reading assists to identify the styles, themes, major events, characters, lessons, and the points you missed during the first reading. You should note down these points since they will guide you as you write the essay. A proper comprehension of the play will assist in analysing it and further writing an excellent essay on this sad love story.

You should then make a work plan on the information you plan to discuss. This step is a simple but highly crucial phase of the writing process. The first component of your work plan should be to categorise the characters within the play. You need to identify the main characters and their roles. You should also take note of the other supporting characters. Some of them play a critical role in the events that occur throughout the play and are also an important aspect of the main characters’ lives.

The next step involves arranging the events in chronological order. This procedure will enable you to maintain a clear picture of the play and maintain the flow of the essay. Another benefit of undertaking this task is that you will discover the main themes occurring in the story as they occur sequentially.

Writing an Excellent Essay

You should embark on writing the essay once you have understood the play, collected crucial information and planned your notes. Essay writing is the most vital part since it portrays your understanding of the play, your analysis, and the lessons you obtained. Write the essay by first making a brief synopsis of the entire play with the data you collected and analysed in the previous sections. This is a summary of all the information you read. Make a brief discussion of the characters and situations. Finally, discuss the main theme of the Romeo and Juliet essay.

Challenges That Students Encounter When Writing the Essay

Students may experience some challenges writing an essay even with these incredible tips. Some individuals are slow when it comes to writing , making it difficult to deliver the papers on time. Writing skills also vary with different students. Some are exceptionally good writers while others lack the writing skills. Those with poor writing skills need a lot of assistance to come up with quality papers. What more, some students have part-time jobs in conjunction with attending school. This circumstance can take a toll on their academic performance because they might lack time to concentrate on writing excellent essays. Lastly, family life and responsibility also take up a huge chunk of student time, leaving individuals with inadequate time to do and hand in their Romeo and Juliet papers. Luckily, students can solve these challenges by submitting quality essays written by professionals.

Get Started On Your Essay Right Away

Be rest assured that the doubts you had had about writing a quality Romeo and Juliet essay vanished after reading this informative piece. Test your writing abilities and your understanding of the play now by writing an elaborate and quality paper. You can also seek professional assistance from if you need a professional writer to write the paper urgently and assist in improving your grades.

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